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CN-104330029-A: Calibration device of automatic laser wheel set measurement machine patent, CN-104330426-A: 一种强磁场下的高通量蛋白质结晶条件筛选装置及方法 patent, CN-104330613-A: 10KV transformer secondary current automatic acquisition and wireless transmission device patent, CN-104332187-A: Control method for driving mechanisms of nuclear power station patent, CN-104332472-A: 显示装置 patent, CN-104332932-A: Mpp电缆管 patent, CN-104336062-A: Multi-purpose safe disinfectant patent, CN-104336547-A: Ficus carica fruit ferment and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104337678-A: 一种振动按摩中药保健腕带 patent, CN-104340753-A: 自动快速绕线成型机的绕线轴 patent, CN-104341602-A: Method for improving viscosity of sulfonated polyacrylamide solution patent, CN-104342143-A: 铈锡共掺杂钪硅酸盐发光材料、制备方法及其应用 patent, CN-104342267-A: 电子铝加工专用无硅水性切削液 patent, CN-104342637-A: 一种原子层沉积设备 patent, CN-104342943-A: Moisture-absorbing breathable elastic artificial leather with good hand feeling patent, CN-104348329-A: 不用漆包线的无芯直线电机 patent, CN-104349237-A: Rf antenna and hearing device with rf antenna patent, CN-1043492-A: 2,6-二乙萘的选择生产 patent, CN-104352811-A: 一种治疗骨伤的膏药及其制备方法 patent, CN-104354353-A: 混合面料 patent, CN-104354924-A: Packaging machine for packaging rice bags patent, CN-104357594-A: 一种皮革加脂剂 patent, CN-104357973-A: Regathering spinning method capable of regulating yarn tension balance patent, CN-104364363-A: 颗粒化泡沫控制组合物 patent, CN-104365879-A: Walnut oil with functions of beautifying face and protecting health patent, CN-104372024-A: Method for inducing bovine fibroblast cells/myoblasts to be trans-differentiated into fat cells patent, CN-104372306-A: 化学气相沉积装置 patent, CN-104373505-A: Flywheel special for diesel patent, CN-104373935-A: 一种用于气流床气化炉的粉煤燃烧器 patent, CN-104374319-A: 多工位量测设备 patent, CN-104374777-A: 一种在线的浆料中纤维长度的分析装置及其方法 patent, CN-104375672-A: 一种新型方便使用的鼠标 patent, CN-104376733-A: Pedestrian self-service traffic light based on Internet of Things patent, CN-104377850-A: Heat pipe cooling device of asynchronous motor patent, CN-104378336-A: 一种数据处理方法、系统及服务器 patent, CN-104381585-A: Method for extracting high F value pig blood oligopeptide patent, CN-104381723-A: Special fodder for leiothrix lutea and preparation method of special fodder patent, CN-1043824-A: Method of electrophotographically manufacturing luminescent screen assembly for cathode-ray tube patent, CN-104382517-A: 流水式肥皂盒 patent, CN-104382693-A: Tea fiber nonwoven fabric hygienic product patent, CN-104388169-A: 一种拉丝模润滑剂的制备方法 patent, CN-104388705-A: 一种金属镁冶炼还原渣高压扒渣装料系统的中央除尘站 patent, CN-104388870-A: Zinc-plated steel sheet for hot pressing having outstanding surface characteristics, hot-pressed moulded parts obtained using the same, and a production method for the same patent, CN-104389078-A: 精粗纺弹力裤料 patent, CN-104390476-A: 活性炭生产设备排烟管 patent, CN-104392646-A: Thermocouple characteristic demonstration device patent, CN-104392679-A: Handwriting fluorescent screen applied to refrigeration appliance and refrigeration appliance patent, CN-104393849-A: Voice frequency processing system based on adaptive gain control patent, CN-104396426-A: Peanut harvester patent, CN-104397829-A: 一种食品复合防腐剂 patent, CN-104399570-A: Grinding device patent, CN-104400046-A: 一种刀具夹头 patent, CN-104401605-A: Material jam prevention alternative discharging device patent, CN-104403744-A: 一种综合性能好的乳化切削油及其制备方法 patent, CN-104405813-A: Floater-type liquid-damping shock absorber patent, CN-1044072-A: Conjoint control unit of acceleration and brake of vehicle patent, CN-104408884-A: 具有使用安全告警功能的终端及其告警方法 patent, CN-104413900-A: 能辅助抱小孩的抗拉强度高服装 patent, CN-104414453-A: 可固定壶盖的水壶 patent, CN-104414873-A: Snake venom expelling bath liquid patent, CN-104415398-A: 一种运动绷带用的水溶胶敷料 patent, US-49313-A: Improvement in fences patent, CN-104415678-A: 一种新型调漆罐 patent, CN-104415840-A: 一种新型均质机 patent, CN-104416132-A: Double-hole copper bar mould patent, CN-104419067-A: Preparation method for polypropylene material special for transparent sheet patent, CN-104419989-A: Spinneret patent, CN-104420350-A: Reactive dye 2G blue dyeing process for pure cotton semi-finished product patent, CN-104420709-A: 一种红外加热车门把手的车门 patent, CN-104421191-A: 多端口真空泵系统 patent, CN-104422503-A: 一种可称重遥控器 patent, CN-104423198-A: 图像形成装置及图像形成方法 patent, CN-104423336-A: 一种温室环境控制系统及控制方法 patent, CN-104424873-A: 数码管显示控制电路 patent, CN-104425736-A: 白色有机发光装置 patent, CN-104429937-A: 一种带有孢子附着部件的大型藻悬浮充气培养装置 patent, CN-104434694-A: 一种含天山雪莲提取物的美容敷面膏 patent, CN-104435564-A: Traditional Chinese medicine composition for treating rheumatoid arthritis patent, CN-104435796-A: Anti-cold traditional Chinese medicine preparation patent, CN-104436213-A: Kcna3基因和cmya5基因联合在制备心肌保护或抗心衰药物中的应用 patent, CN-104438004-A: Powder distributing device of compound machine patent, CN-104438076-A: Rotatable screening device patent, CN-104439545-A: 齿轮出力轴装夹治具 patent, CN-104440352-A: 一种滚动直线导轨副用液压钳制器 patent, CN-104440409-A: 加工蝶阀用刀具刃口钝化机 patent, CN-104441322-A: 防止芳纶蜂窝浸胶变形的装置 patent, CN-104441463-A: Multifunctional injection molding machine patent, CN-104441500-A: Plastic injection mold with material pushing plate patent, CN-104442136-A: 一种笔筒 patent, CN-104442256-A: Auxiliary bracket for automobile shock absorber patent, CN-104442321-A: 一种折叠式汽车天窗 patent, CN-104443650-A: 货物箱 patent, CN-104444411-A: 一种斗轮机的大车走行电气自动化改造 patent, CN-104444830-A: Monitoring and warning device for tower crane patent, CN-104446826-A: Special chemical fertilizer for broad beans and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104448140-A: Synthesis process of dicyclopentadiene polymer resin patent, CN-104449052-A: Environment-friendly poker color printing dye formula and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104449212-A: Conductive anticorrosion chip patent, CN-104449459-A: 一种改进的地板胶 patent, CN-104450226-A: 餐具洗洁液 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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