Comb capable of sucking away scurf



The utility model relates to a comb capable of sucking way scurf, comprising a comb body 1, a comb dent 2, a comb handle 5 and a scurf sucking device 7, wherein a suction cup 3 is arranged at the root of the comb dent 2, an indication lamp 4 is arranged on the side surface of the suction cup 3; a control switch 6 is arranged at the side end of the comb handle 5, the scurf sucking device 7 is mounted at the inner side of the comb handle and a filter chamber 8 is arranged at the end of the comb handle 5 and the scurf sucking device 7 is communicated with the suction cup 3 and the filter chamber 8 by the channel in the comb body 1. A high capacity changing battery is used in the scurf sucking device 7. The principle of the dust removal is combined with the comb, thus the scurf can be suck away during combing one's hair, so as to keep the scalp clean, save the trouble for always cleaning, increase the personnel image and be suitable for wide population.




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