Power safety comprehensive testing machine



A power safety comprehensive testing machine comprises a frame base, struts arranged on two sides of the frame base, and a load-bearing crossbar arranged at the upper parts of the struts. The power safety comprehensive testing machine is characterized in that the struts arranged on the two sides of the frame base are hydraulic oil cylinders; the load-bearing crossbar is fixed at the end parts of the pistons of the hydraulic oil cylinders; a pull-press testing base, a pull-press sensor and a releaser and a rope belt fixer for a drop test are arranged on the load-bearing crossbar; and a foot fastener base, a safety helmet base and a pull-press testing base are fixed on the frame base. The power safety comprehensive testing machine has simple structure, complete functions, small occupied space and low cost, is convenient for operation, and is suitable for testing general tools in power generation and transmission industries.




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