Brake structure for circuit breaker overhauling platform



The utility model relates to a brake structure for a circuit breaker overhauling platform. The circuit breaker overhauling platform comprises a transfer trolley frame and steering wheels arranged in the four corners of the bottom surface of the transfer trolley frame. The brake structure is arranged on the bottom surface of the transfer trolley frame, and comprises a connecting rod, a pedal and a positioning seat, wherein the connecting rod is connected with two symmetrical steering wheels; the pedal is arranged on the connecting rod; the positioning seat is connected with the pedal, and comprises a cylinder and a base plate; the cylinder is connected with the pedal; and the base plate is arranged at the bottom end of the cylinder and is molded integrally with the cylinder. When the brake structure is used, the pedal is pedaled down to brake the two symmetrical steering wheels, and at the same time when the pedal is pedaled down, the positioning seat downwards moves to be supported on the ground, thereby effectively preventing the locked steering wheels from causing slip, overturning and the like. The brake structure has a good braking effect, and conveniently realizes braking and braking removal so as to brake the overhauling platform anytime anywhere and improve operating flexibility.




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