Blood specimen collecting card



The utility model discloses a blood specimen collecting card, which belongs to medical articles for use and aims to provide a blood specimen collecting card with low probability of falling down, low probability of being polluted, and easiness in filing and looking-up. The blood specimen collecting card comprises a piece of blood specimen collecting paper and a recording card, wherein a protecting sleeve (8) is arranged at the upper half part of the recording card (3); the blood specimen collecting paper (1) is arranged inside the protecting sleeve; and sampling windows (7) are respectively arranged on the front side and the back side of the protecting sleeve (8) corresponding to the blood specimen collecting paper (1). The utility model with the advantages of simple structure, convenience, safety and sanitation in use is a blood specimen collecting card, which is applied to medical tests and paper analytic approach lab testing works for collecting, analysizing, transferring and filing liquid specimens of a human body.




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