Energy-saving boiler



The utility model discloses an energy-saving boiler. The energy-saving boiler comprises a boiler body, wherein heat-absorbing fins are fixedly arranged at a heating region on the outer surface of the boiler body. In the energy-saving boiler of the utility model, the heat-absorbing area of the boiler body is greatly increased and the heat absorption rate of the boiler body is improved by arranging the heat-absorbing fins at the heating region on the outer surface of the boiler body; meanwhile, a heat-absorbing ring which is arranged at the periphery of the heat-absorbing fins can further absorb heat of hot air flow flowing out from the heat-absorbing fins, so that the thermal utilization factor of the energy-saving boiler is further improved; and thus, the energy-saving boiler can greatly reduce heat waste and save energy, fuel cost and cooking time.




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