Movable end of steel support



The utility model discloses a movable end of a steel support. The movable end comprises an outer barrel and a pedestal, wherein the outer barrel further comprises a steel pipe, a flange, an inner reinforcing plate and a draw type outer casing; the draw type outer casing consists of four blocks of steel plates and has a rectangular section; one end of the steel pipe is welded with the flange; the flange and the steel pipe are concentric; the inner side of the flange is welded with the outer side of the steel pipe; bolt holes are formed on the flange at equal interval; the outer casing is parallel to the steel pipe; one side of the inner reinforcing plate is welded with the outer side of the outer casing, and the other side of the inner reinforcing plate is welded with the inner side of the steel pipe; the pedestal comprises a pedestal steel plate and an inner drawing pipe; the pedestal steel plate has a rectangular section; the inner drawing pipe has two rectangular sections and can be inserted into the outer casing; and the inner drawing pipe is vertically fixed on the pedestal steel plate. By using the technical scheme of the utility model, the movable end can be prefixed and randomly combined with different steel support bodies and is easy to assemble and disassemble; meanwhile, the movable end can be freely drawn, so that any design supporting strength can be achieved; and the movable end can be repeatedly used, so that the service life is prolonged.




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