High-low region grid-connected direct-coupled unit system



The utility model relates to a high-low region grid-connected direct-coupled unit system comprising a water segregator, a supercharging device, a high-region heating user, a decompression partition device and a water collector, which are sequentially connected through a water conveying pipeline, a one-way valve is connected in parallel between two ends of an inlet and an outlet of the supercharging device, the system further comprises an ultra-pressure drainage control device, and the ultra-pressure drainage control device is connected on a high-region water return pipeline. The system has the benefits that the design of connecting the one-way valve in parallel between the ends of the inlet and the outlet of the supercharging device is adopted for replacing the traditional design, not only the occurrence of the short circuit phenomenon due to the leakage of the one-way valve can be prevented, but also the occurrence of a water hammer can be prevented once a pump is stopped; if the pressure of the system is too high or the decompression partition device fails, the ultra-pressure drainage control device can be opened automatically for carrying out pressure release and drainage, thereby ensuring safe and reliable operation of the low-region system; and the real-time observation can be carried out through the indication of a pressure gauge and a thermometer, thereby determining whether the operation conforms to conditions.




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