Display equipment with non-contact induction device



The utility model provides display equipment with a non-contact induction device, which aims to overcome the shortage that advertisement display equipment of stations, marketplaces and subway stations only can be used for browsing for users and cannot interact with the users. The display equipment comprises a central processor, the non-contact induction device, a display device, a first communication device, a second communication device, a memory, a printer and a power source supplying power for different device modules. Particularly, a mobile terminal or an electronic tag with a wireless radiofrequency card can be close to the display equipment with the non-contact induction device by a user, the display equipment can acquire advertisement information from a background service system through a line telephone network or mobile communication network or store the advertisement information in the memory in advance, and furthermore, the user can download favorite advertisements to the mobile terminal or other terminals from the display equipment through the wireless radiofrequency technology or the other relative communication technology.




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