Combined clamp for cutting off monocrystalline silicon bar stock



The utility model relates to a combined clamp for cutting off a monocrystalline silicon bar stock, which is arranged on a work table of a band saw cutting machine. The combined clamp is characterized by consisting of a clamping and locking device and a righting device which are respectively arranged at two sides of a band saw; the clamping and locking device consists of a guide way, a slide block and three sets of parallel clamp mechanisms, wherein the guide way is fixed with a support plate of the work table, the slide block is in slicing connection with the guide way, and the clamp mechanisms are arranged on the slide block; and the righting device consists of two sets of parallel righting mechanisms. Aiming at the problem that the quality is influenced since the monocrystalline silicon bar stock is hard to clamp, lock and position when the monocrystalline silicon bar stock is cut off, the combined clamp respectively clamps and rights the monocrystalline silicon bar stock at two sides of the band saw, thereby solving the problems that a cutting end face is broken to have a crack and the perpendicularity error since the existing clamp is bad in fixing mode. With the combined clamp, the reject ratio for cutting the monocrystalline silicon bar stock is effectively reduced, the utilization ratio of the monocrystalline silicon is effectively improved, the productivity is improved, and the manual operation difficulty is reduced.




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