Backing bearing


  • Inventors: ZHANG YESHA
  • Assignees: 张叶莎
  • Publication Date: April 20, 2011
  • Publication Number: CN-201802759-U


The utility model relates to a backing bearing which comprises a bearing outer ring and a bearing inner ring that correspond to each other, wherein the middle part of the bearing outer ring is provided with a middle flange; two ends of the bearing inner ring are provided with outer flanges; a roller is arranged between the bearing outer ring and the bearing inner ring, and is provided with a retainer; two ends of the roller are provided with sealing rings; the outer sides of the sealing rings are provided with spring check rings; and dustproof covers are arranged between the spring check rings and the outer flanges. The backing bearing has the benefits that the dustproof covers and the sealing rings are arranged in a staggered way, so that labyrinth seal structures are formed at two ends of the bearing, therefore, on one hand, the dust can be effectively prevented from entering into the bearing to influence the accuracy and the service life of the bearing, on the other hand, a lubricating agent can be effectively stored in the bearing, so that the lubricating effect is improved, and the leakage of the lubricating agent is reduced.




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