Procédé de production d'éthanol en utilisant des farines de mais

Method for producing ethanol by using corn flours

Verfahren zur Herstellung von Äthanol unter Verwendung von Maismehlen


A method for producing ethanol starting from corn flours, which provides for the milling of the corn, the separation of the light fractions (bran), a first refining of the milled fractions, a first sifting with germ separation, a second refining of the milled fractions, and a second sifting with germ separation. In particular, according to the invention, impact milling of the wet corn is provided so as to preserve the largest possible average particle size of the milled fractions, and subsequent crushing of the germ is also provided, so as to facilitate size separation thereof. With respect to known systems for producing ethanol starting from corn flours, the method according to the invention allows to extract from corn at least 7%, preferably at least 10% (by weight with respect to the initial product) of pure germ (i.e., germ not contaminated by other components) and at least 1% pure bran, preferably at least 2.5%, before transfer to the ethanol extraction plant, with the previously cited consequent advantages and overcoming the drawbacks that arise from using the systems that constitute the background art. In particular, the extraction from corn of at least 7% of the germ, preferably at least 10%, and of at least 1% bran, preferably at least 2.5%, allows to achieve drastic reductions in the production of pasty residues in the subsequent ethanol extraction process.




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