Microcellule et support de microcellule

Mikrozelle und Mikrozellenhalter

Microcell and microcell holder


A microcell (10) for use in analysis of very small amounts of liquid samples, the microcell comprising: a plate spacer (12) having a plurality of small holes (24) with notches (22) widening toward sample injection openings (20) in a side wall; and window plates (14) made of a material passing measuring light, disposed to face each other on either side of the spacer to cover the plurality of small holes from the front and the back; wherein spaces formed by the plurality of small holes of the spacer and the window plates serve as a plurality of cell chambers (30) for containing the liquid samples; and a dimension of the plurality of small holes and the thickness of the spacer are determined in accordance with the amounts of the liquid samples, and a dimension of parts joining the notches and the plurality of small holes is smaller than the dimension of the plurality of small holes.




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