Noeud de réseau pour signaux de trafic de commutation dans un réseau de transport

Network node for switching traffic signals in a transport network

Netzwerkknoten zum Schalten von Verkehrssignalen in einem Transportnetzwerk


In order to provide a network node with an improved matrix architecture suitable for switching TDM traffic streams structured in accordance with different optical networking standards, a network node with a new hybrid matrix architecture is provided , where a sliced matrix for switching traffic signals at a lower granularity is additionally used as a center stage matrix in a multi-stage matrix architecture for switching of traffic signals at a higher granularity. The sliced central switch matrix has a number of at least N (N>1) parallel switch modules. Each switch module is arranged for switching in space and time domain one of a number of N signal slices of an internal signal format. One or more slicer/deslicer pairs are connected to the central switch matrix for re-formatting received transport signals structured in accordance with a first transmission standard to and from internal signals sliced into groups of N signal slices having the internal signal format. In addition, one or more pairs of input/output stage matrices are provided for switching in space and time domain multiplex units of received transport signals structured in accordance with a second transmission standard and mapping the multiplexing units in groups of M (M>1) into timeslots of the internal signal format having said N signal slices.




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