Fixation d'un train d'atterrissage d'un hélicoptère

Befestigung eines Hubschrauberfahrwerks

Attachment of a helicopter landing gear


The invention is related to a bracket (24) for connecting a traverse (20) of a landing gear to a cabin of a helicopter. A landing gear retainer (5) is fixed around the traverse (20) coaxially to the longitudinal direction of the traverse (20) and at least one cabin clamp mount (7) is fixed to the cabin. The landing gear retainer (5) is in between the cabin and upper and lower pendulum bolts (12, 13) and upper and lower pendulum bearings (18, 19). A pendulum (9) is in longitudinal direction of the traverse (20) hinged to the landing gear retainer (5). The invention is further related to an application of such brackets (24).




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